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SKINSTRADER.CLUB - is a service that is designed to effectively trade steam market items using world famous trading platforms such as OPSkins, CS.MONEY, Market, LootFarm and others.
Why us? We move with the times. The number of supported sites is constantly growing. We have reasonable prices and many bonuses. User-friendly interface. The quality of work is constantly improving. Incredibly fast update speed and parsing (about 3-4 seconds). And most importantly - we listen to our users.

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After the subscription, we provide you full database of prices and informations about skins from different sites. Usually information includes the name of the item, it's price, quantity of such items, state (unstable/overstock), and other.

Search deals

Using the database you can quickly and easy search profitable deals for you. You can choose your sites and their commission, configure filters and the table itself. Also we have discount calculator and many useful features in future.


The average earnings of traders is estimated at $ 300 per month with 5 minutes a day at work! Traders who spend 8 hours a day earn from $3,000 per month.


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